Demystifying AI/ML for Security Operations

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are increasingly seen as powerful tools to counter cyberattacks. However, opinions among cybersecurity experts vary, and it is crucial to understand the potential limitations and benefits of AI/ML in security operations.

Join executives from Google Cloud and Corelight in this joint webinar as we delve into the world of AI/ML for security operations. We will enable you to cut through the hype and address the following key questions:

  • What is AI/ML for security?
  • What specific problems can AI/ML solve for security operations?
  • What challenges should teams be aware of?
  • How will AI/ML shape the future of cybersecurity on both attack and protection fronts?

    By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into how AI/ML can help address critical industry challenges, such as the analyst shortage and skill gaps. We will explore how AI/ML can reduce the time to detect and respond to threats, ultimately making the SOC more efficient and effective.

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Umesh Shankar - image


Umesh Shankar

Chief Technologist, Google Cloud Security

Umesh Shankar is the Chief Technologist for Google Cloud Security. He leads many cross cutting initiatives, most notably Google Cloud Security’s AI efforts. In his 17 years at Google, Umesh has led a number of foundational security and privacy initiatives including the creation of the Data Protection effort at Google, building global infrastructure for key management, authentication, authorization, insider risk, software supply chain security, data governance, and Access Transparency, to keep users' data safe across all Google’s products and Google Cloud Platform. He also previously led the Google Assistant Ecosystem team including its developer platform, identity, monetization, and discovery services.

Greg Bell - image


Greg Bell

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Corelight

Gregory Bell is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Corelight, and previously served leadership roles at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, including as Director of the Scientific Networking Division, Director of the US Department of Energy's high performance mission network ESnet, and Chief Technology Architect in the Office of the CIO. As ESnet Director, Greg oversaw deployment of the world's first 100G network at continental scale, and the world's first 400G production link. Greg also serves on the board of CENIC, the high-performance public network interconnecting 20 million Californians and vital public-serving institutions. Greg has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and an A.B. from Harvard.

Vern Paxson - image


Vern Paxson

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Corelight

Vern is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Corelight, professor of computer science and UC Berkeley and creator of Zeek, the de facto standard open source platform for network security monitoring. A prolific and internationally recognized researcher, he also leads the networking group and security group at the Internation Computer Science Institute, and for decades held a position as the staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. His wide-ranging research interests include Internet measurement, high performance network monitoring, detection algorithms, and combatting cybercrime, censorship and abusive surveillance.


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