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Open NDR: A Flexible and Powerful Platform for Detections and Data

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This new report from ESG compares Network Detection and Response (NDR) based on open source detections and data formats to closed NDR solutions that are predicated on proprietary detection and data formats. 

See how these two types of NDR stack up for:

  • Threat detections and data
  • Interoperability
  • Analyst efficiency

Get the report to learn Open NDR can improve detection coverage and accuracy, accelerate incident response, and obtain more operational efficiencies.



The metadata-based approach of Corelight’s Open NDR, coupled with Corelight’s
machine learning analytics and the Suricata IDS engine as well as PCAP, provides a
singular repository of every level of network detection and data an analyst could
need to investigate and validate alerts.


- John Grady, Principal Analyst ESG



Corelight provides security teams with network evidence so they can protect the world's most critical organizations and companies.