I have Trust Issues and So Does My CISO - How NDR can help identify issues in your ZTA

2023-05-WB-SANS How NDR can help identify issues in your ZTA


As federal agencies and private organizations continue the push to Zero Trust deadlines, we’ve all got some some Trust issues to work on. The best thing to do is get it all out in the open and don’t let your relationship with your networks get toxic.

Moving to Zero Trust requires a good foundation that your organization can build trust on. In this Webinar, experts from Corelight’s Public Sector team will discuss how security teams can use network visibility to resolve trust issues in Zero Trust deployment and lay the groundwork for the future.

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Jean Schaffer - image


Jean Schaffer

Federal Chief Technology Officer, Corelight

Jean Schaffer is an experienced professional in Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and IT Operations. She is recently retired from the Intelligence community after 33+ years of public service, 15 at SES level. Jean brings technical expertise, understanding of the IC/DoD and a wealth of experience.

Tim Nolen - image


Tim Nolen

Senior Sales Engineer

Tim Nolen is a Senior Solutions Engineer that covers various verticals like Federal Civilian and System Integrators. His breadth and depth of knowledge covering security, data analytics, network and application analysis, DDoS mitigation and protection make for a master class experience.

Matt Bromiley - image


Matt Bromiley

Instructor, SANS Institute

Matt Bromiley is a SANS digital forensics and incident response (IR) instructor, teaching FOR508 Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Digital Forensics and SANS FOR572 Advanced Network Forensics: Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response. He is also an IR consultant at a global IR and forensic analysis company, combining experience in digital forensics, log analytics, and incident response and management.


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