Does Network Telemetry Still Matter in Today's Threat Landscape?

Does Network Telemetry Still Matter in Todays Threat Landscape? thumbnail


As the Internet celebrates 31 years, Identity, Zero Trust, Cloud, and AI currently have all the attention. Defenders face numerous challenges and headwinds in this complex, ever-expanding interconnected ecosystem of commerce, information exchange and cyber warfare. Endpoint, IDS and SIEM are so yesterday.

Is network detection even worth mentioning? In this talk, Corelight will explain how elite cyber defenders are updating architecture and capabilities to ensure visibility at the network layer comprehensively, and why ground truth obtained from the network is essential to cyber defense posture now more than ever.

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Robert Henry

Senior Solution Engineer, Corelight

Bob began his career in cybersecurity during the pre-Internet days of 1993. Since then he has been working on enterprise networking and cybersecurity systems engineering in both small and large IT enterprises, including AOL and Fannie Mae. He also dedicated almost 20 years to supporting DoD and USG systems, including 8 years supporting the Office of the DoD CIO for Cybersecurity, Chief Security Engineer to modernize and improve the security posture of all COCOMs, Services and Agencies across the Department. As a network and data security subject matter expert, he has a proven success record in defining security requirements, implementing new technologies, providing technical consultation, and articulating technical topics to executive leaders.


Corelight provides security teams with network evidence so they can protect the world's most critical organizations and companies.