Unify endpoint and network telemetry for any SIEM


What happens on the endpoint doesn’t stay on the endpoint. To effectively defend against advanced threats and lateral movement, you need visibility beyond individual devices. By using Cribl’s enrichment and routing capabilities to combine Corelight’s comprehensive network telemetry with your EDR telemetry, you can gain comprehensive visibility of what happens on and in between all of the devices on your network. Join our webinar to learn how the combined solution expands visibility, bolsters detection, and accelerates investigations while maintaining data fidelity. 

Attendees will learn how to:

• Consolidate IDS, PCAP, and other network sources to provide a single comprehensive source of network telemetry
• Correlate, enrich, and route both endpoint (EDR) and  network (NDR) data into your SIEM
• Enable real-time threat detection and seamless ingestion, normalization, and enrichment of security data into any SIEM

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Matt Ellison

Director of Sales Engineering for EMEA and APAC, Corelight

Matt has specialised in cyber security for over 15 years across endpoint, network and user technologies and has led teams in product management, product marketing and technical sales. With previous roles at Symantec, LogRhythm and BAE Systems, Matt’s extensive experience has allowed him to work with numerous organisations across EMEA and APAC helping them understand how best to address their security challenges.

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George Merhej

Solutions Engineering Manager - Emerging Markets, Cribl

Having worked with leading organizations in emerging markets to solve Security and Data problems, George has extensive experience in the Cybersecurity, Observability and Data space. In previous roles, he worked at Immersive Labs as head of Alliances and Splunk as head of the Sales Engineering team for many years.



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